Michael "Mickey" Millsap | B'Ham School Board | Vision & Plan
Millsap for Birmingham Board of Education - District Five
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My vision for Birmingham City Schools starts with change. If you believe continuing the policies of the last 15 years is a recipe for success, I am not your candidate. If you believe we need to chart a new path for Birmingham’s students, families, and teachers, I hope you will take a closer look.


It is clear that economic opportunity in the Magic City is on the rise. If we stay the course, our most important resource, our children, will once again be left behind. Birmingham City Schools are at a critical juncture, we must act with urgency and we must try something new.

Seek Stability

The Birmingham City Schools system has suffered from too much leadership turnover. My first job is to work with members of the Board to create a stable environment to allow our school leaders to succeed. First and foremost this means giving our new Superintendent, Lisa Herring, the support, tools, and time to make a positive impact on the system.

Invest in Innovation

Wherever great innovations are happening that have a positive impact on children, teachers, and families, we have to be willing to invest. This includes looking externally at organizations that are leading the way in incubating innovative programs, technologies, and school models.


This also means expanding on the innovations we are doing right here at home. I believe we need to encourage and celebrate our greatest asset, our teachers, to be the leaders for innovative educational programming. When a teacher has a great idea, we need to create pathways which allow that teacher to be recognized, and give her/him the tools they need to expand their innovative work to more students.

Develop Excellent School Leaders

The research is clear that the most successful schools have strong leadership at the top. Like any organization, the leader sets the tone in terms of culture and the development of the staff. We need to invest in our principals, assistant principals, and other school leaders to give them access to 21st century management skills so they can be the kind of leaders our children and teachers deserve.


We must have outstanding leaders throughout our system. Where we have good people already in place, we will invest in them. When we have up and coming leaders in our teacher ranks, we will invest in their development as well. If we have leaders that aren’t living up to a standard of excellence, I will work with the Board and Superintendent for replacements. I will demand excellence across our system and will commit to investing heavily in people that can lead our schools, not simply administer them.

Focus on the Whole Child

The world is a complex place, and our responsibility as a school system doesn’t simply start and finish when students are within our walls. It is our responsibility to go beyond the school day to provide services and support to students and families to help them overcome the myriad of issues that negatively impact a student’s chance for success. Building off my support for innovation, we will look closely at the work being done by local organizations, like the Woodlawn Innovation Network, who are investing in quality general, dental, and mental health for students, and are providing services to families that are reducing the burden and challenges of raising a kid in the 21st century.

Plan Effectively For the Future

Positive change cannot take place if we don’t plan effectively and act as good stewards of taxpayer resources. Along with Superintendent Herring, I will order a review of all current operations including facilities, HR, staffing, and vendor contracts, to make sure we are getting the most for our money. I will also work with the Board to develop a smart, forward thinking budget that will allow Birmingham City Schools to invest in important initiatives for years to come.